Chinese New Year at Bodhi Meditation

Jan 1st – 9th

8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat

Jan 18th&19th

Chinese New Year Market Place

Jan 24th

Chinese New Year’s Eve Chanting

Jan 25th – 27th

Chinese New year Chanting

About the event

Spring is returning to warm the earth, bringing good luck and fortune. In the blink of an eye, the year of the Golden Rat will be here. The Bodhi Meditation Vancouver Center has been decorated for the new year, and a series of activities have been prepared to provide you entertainment with a theme of new year’s celebration. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the New Year at Bodhi Meditation Center!

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I especially like the Zen Teahouse. I learned the Chinese tea ceremony there. The traditional background of the tea house, stone tables and lovely tea sets create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Chinese calligraphy is also very interesting. I want to try it when I have a chance!


I had a very interesting, sweet day, and Bodhi created a great memory for me and my mother. We dressed in traditional costumes and had our photo taken at the Family Costume Photo Studio. She is generally not very fond of taking pictures because of being shy. Highly recommended to visit the New Year Marketplace!!!


This is very interesting and I highly recommend the Family Costume Photo Studio. Being photographed in a variety of cool traditional costumes fills you with the spirit of the new year.


Find the original you

By Clark – Nov 25th, 2017

What? When Clark fell off a 25-foot-high ladder while working, he was not hurt. He climbed back up the high ladder and continued working for two hours. Isn’t this incredible?

The golden key to health and happiness

By Surbhi & Shiv – Dec 31st, 2015

Mother and son experience meditation together, discover the golden key to happiness, and find the true meaning of life. Come and listen to their stories!

Joyfully Let Go

By Sara – Dec 25th, 2016

Sara learns to let go and gains patience and confidence through meditation.

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